Amphibus Land and Water Tours

Our Fleet: Amphibuses and Buses

Our diversified fleet of buses is fit for multiple purposes! From our Amphibus land and water tours, to Double Decker visits, we have the perfect tour bus for your needs. Take a look at our vehicles below and feel free to contact us if you are looking to rent or charter one of our buses.

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Our Amphibuses

These vehicles are by far the most interesting that we have. Similar to duck boats, these vehicles go on land and water. However, our amphibuses were designed to be used on deep water, with much more advanced engineering and safety features. These vehicles are made to last, and can be used for land visits and cruises. Our latest one was built in 2019 and is now ready for the famous amphibus land and water tours!

  • # of vehicles: 2
  • Passenger capacity: 48 seats

Enviro Double Deckers

These double decker buses are the best way to see the city! Our Enviro Double Deckers are all open top allowing you to see the best views. With 51 seats on top, these vehicles are always a popular choice.

  • # of vehicles: 3
  • Passenger capacity: 80 seats

Van Houle Double Decker

This double decker bus is perfect for a rainy day! With windows on the ceiling, this closed top double decker allows you to have the same view as an open top bus! The windows on the side are completely removable in order to have that open bus feeling. 

  • # of vehicles: 1
  • Passenger capacity: 80 seats

Bristol and Daimer Double Deckers

This vintage Bristol double decker bus is great for movie scenes and for stylish activities. Although we no longer use this vehicle for our daily tour operations, it is fully functional! It is closed top, but the top windows are completely removed. This vehicles is always ready to roll. 

The open top Daimer Double Decker is always a popular choice for people needing a standing bus for movies and events. Although it is not in condition to drive, it can be transported to various locations as a prop.

  • # of vehicles: 2 (1971 & 1970)
  • Passenger capacity: 60 seats

Tour School Buses

When you thought school bus, I bet you didn’t imagine this! Here at Lady Dive we decided to modify some school buses in order to make them fun and beautiful. Our open top school buses are great to take around the city on a tour with a large group, family or work team.

  • # of vehicles: 2 
  • Passenger capacity: 48 seats

Need an ottawa tour bus rental?

  1. Our bus rentals include a driver
  2. You can add a guide!
  3. Our rentals can be for a specific tour itinerary or simply for transportation to and from an event. 
  4. Reserve our buses for a business event, a conference. or any special occasion (weddings, birthdays, proms… ect)
  5.  We will adapt our routes to your needs!

Let our qualified staff transport and guide you in order to make the moment memorable.

To make a reservation for a bus rental or charter, call our office at 613-524-2221.